OVERLOCKER One day MONDAY 28TH MARCH– 10am to 3.30pm: - £105.00 

OVERLOCKER One day Monday 28th March to 3.30pm: price - £105.00 

You can bring your own overlocker (let us know in advance which one you have) or use ours.  

SEWING MACHINE One day 18th January 2022 – 10am to 4.30pm price - £115.00 

SEWING MACHINE One day 18th January 2022 – 10am to 4.30pm: price - £115.00 

Dates for the next course: TUESDAY 18TH JANUARY 
Are you thinking of buying an Overlocker to finish your soft furnishing pieces professionally? Or do you already own one and are not sure of its capabilities? Find out how to set up, use, maintain and problem solve on this amazing sewing machine that you will fall in love with instantly! 
Overlockers can scare prospective owners as they look very difficult to set up and use. This one-day session will build your confidence on how to use a machine that adds a refined finish to any furnishing or fashion piece. Cushion covers, box cushions and loose covers all look so much more professional when finished with an Over locker. 
This machine will cut off all those fraying edges and bind seams together creating a long lasting piece. 
For fashion pieces you can hem the finest chiffons or create decorative edges on sleeves and dresses. 
You can bring your own machine or request to use one of ours (Please let us know in advance if you want to use ours). 
All sample fabrics are supplied to ensure you experience an extensive range of different material pieces. 
Course content 
Machine parts 
Suitable threads & threading the machine 
Tension settings 
Differential feed 
Problem solving 
Rolled hems, 4, 3 and 2 threads edging 
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FROM 10AM TO 4.30PM - £110 
This is a great opportunity to step into the world of furnishings or any fabric discipline. Knowing your Sewing Machine is key to creating successful projects.  
Find out how to set up, use, maintain and problem solve on the sewing machine with guides on the right use of threads and needles for a range of fabrics. 
A great day for beginners or those wishing to return to crafts. 
The machines we supply are high quality Bernina domestic machines that can take on multiple tasks and have a number of accessories for different applications: piping, freehand embroidery, embroidery, zips, blind hemming, pin tucking and a whole lot more. We can also show you the industrial machines which are useful for upholsterers and those using vinyls, leather or thick fabrics  
You will leave with a comprehensive set of notes which will help to build your confidence on the sewing machine. 
You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your own machine and how it works.  
This course will undoubtedly make you want to take that machine out, dust it down and sew! 
Course content 
The parts of the machine 
Threading the machine 
Use of different stitches 
Practical seams 
Freehand embroidery 
Problem solving 
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